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Faculty Directory

Cheryl Anderson
Professor of Old Testament

Email: cheryl.anderson@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3979
Office: 323-P

Ron Anderson
Ernest and Bernice Styberg Professor of Worship and Director, Nellie B. Ebersole Program in Music Ministry

Email: ron.anderson@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3875
Office: 110

Nancy Bedford
Georgia Harkness Professor of Applied Theology

Email: nancy.bedford@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3931
Office: 114-P

Reggie Blount
Assistant Professor of Formation, Youth, and Culture

Email: rblount@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3962
Office: 322-P

Gennifer Brooks
Ernest and Bernice Styberg Professor of Preaching

Email: gennifer.brooks@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3888
Office: 714

Barry Bryant
Associate Professor of United Methodist and Wesleyan Studies

Email: barry.bryant@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3955
Office: 733

Lucy Chung
Director of the United Library and Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology

Email: jaeyeon.chung@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3877
Office: 104-S

Charles Cosgrove
Professor of Early Christian Literature

Email: charles.cosgrove@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3880
Office: 234-P

Angela Cowser
Director of the Center for the Church and the Black Experience and Assistant Professor of the Sociology of Religion

Email: angela.cowser@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3984
Office: 113

Margaret Ann Crain
Professor of Christian Education

Email: margaretann.crain@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3973
Office: 324-P

Ruth Duck
Professor of Worship

Email: ruth.duck@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3978
Office: 732

Julie Duncan
Associate Professor of Old Testament

Email: julie.duncan@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3934
Office: 332-P

Timothy Eberhart
Assistant Professor of Theology and Ecology and Director of the Course of Study School at Garrett-Evangelical

Email: timothy.eberhart@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3972
Office: 715

Mark Fowler
Associate Professor of Church Leadership

Email: mark.fowler@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3863
Office: 302-S

David Hogue
Professor of Pastoral Theology and Counseling

Email: david.hogue@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3983
Office: 331-P

Pam Holliman
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Psychotherapy

Email: pam.holliman@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3980
Office: 133-P

Anne Joh
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

Email: anne.joh@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3974
Office: 321-P

Anna Johnson
Assistant Professor of Reformation Church History

Email: anna.johnson@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3960
Office: 109

Dwight Judy
Professor of Spiritual Formation

Email: dwight.judy@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3935
Office: 731

Karla Kincannon
Director of Field Education; Vocational Formation and Church Leadership

Email: karla.kincannon@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3930
Office: 307

Virginia Lee
Associate Professor of Christian Education and Director of Deacon Studies

Email: virginia.lee@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-4549
Office: 111

Brooke Lester
Director of Emerging Pedagogies and Assistant Professor of Hebrew Scripture

Email: brooke.lester@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3949
Office: 736

Larry Murphy
Professor of the History of Christianity

Email: larry.murphy@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3977
Office: 334-P

Jim Papandrea
Associate Professor of Church History

Email: jim.papandrea@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3953
Office: 735

Hendrik Pieterse
Associate Professor of Global Christianity and World Religions

Email: hendrik.pieterse@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3892
Office: 202 Stead

Stephen Ray
Neal F. and Ila A. Fisher Professor of Systematic Theology

Email: stephen.ray@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3865
Office: 333-P

Lallene Rector
President, Associate Professor of Psychology of Religion and Pastoral Psychotherapy

Email: ljr@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3901
Office: 219

Luis Rivera
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean

Email: lrr@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3904
Office: 212

Frederick W. Schmidt
Rueben P. Job Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation and Director of The Rueben P. Job Institute of Spiritual Formation

Email: frederick.schmidt@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3985
Office: 233-P

Jack Seymour
Professor of Religious Education

Email: jack.seymour@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3891
Office: 131-P

Mark Teasdale
E. Stanley Jones Associate Professor of Evangelism

Email: mark.teasdale@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3954
Office: 734

Osvaldo Vena
Professor of New Testament Interpretation

Email: osvaldo.vena@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3867
Office: 231-P

Brent Waters
Jerre and Mary Joy Stead Professor of Christian Social Ethics

Email: brent.waters@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3933
Office: 200-S

K.K. Yeo
Harry R. Kendall Professor of New Testament

Email: kkyeo@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3881
Office: 121-P

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