Intersection - A Day in the Ancient Mediterranean

“A Day in the Ancient Mediterranean”
Dr. Charles Cosgrove is the Professor of Early Christian Literature at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
March 19, 2014

Imagine that you woke up this morning in the city of Rome in the year 60CE.  What would your day hold for you? What would your home and work life be life?  In what ways would the common, daily routine resemble the 21st Century of your experience or your imaginings about life in the Mediterranean in the 1st Century?

In the fall of 2013, Dr. Charles Cosgrove, Professor of Early Christian Literature, as part of a sabbatical project, wrote a novella which follows a fictional family living in Rome in 60CE. The novel follows the characters through a typical day in their lives and as it does so, illuminates the commonplace realities that informed their entire life experiences.  Understanding cultural context is foundational to the study of Christian History, Scripture and Theology.  In this innovative exploration Dr. Cosgrove makes more vivid, concrete and memorable, those essential elements of early Christian life which can sometimes be overlooked or under-valued in traditional settings.

This lecture, presented as a capstone to his sabbatical, gives an overview of some of the elements lifted up in his novella, explores his choices for inclusion and exclusion and features the charming and lively style which has made Dr. Cosgrove a favorite of Garrett-Evangelical students.

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Event date: 04-02-2014
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