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Academic Affairs

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Course Information

Course Syllabi

The Office of Academic Affairs posts course syllabi and/or reading lists each semester as faculty members prepare them.  Please click here to see a list of the currently posted syllabi.  Students should also visit Moodle (the seminary’s learning management system) for each class in which they are enrolled, where professors may post more up-to-date versions of the syllabi and/or additional information. 

Please direct all questions and concerns about syllabi to Krista McNeil, administrator for academic affairs at 847.866.3903 or Krista.mcneil@garrett.edu.

Course Schedules

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary operates on a calendar of four terms per academic year: a 13-week Fall semester; a two-week January intensive; a 13-week Spring semester; and a four-week Summer term consisting of two, two-week intensives. These courses are offered in several formats:

  • one day per week during the semester
  • two or more days per week during the semester
  • January and Summer intensives, which meet daily for two weeks
  • courses spanning a few weekends over a semester
  • travel courses
  • courses meeting off-campus as part of a conference or extension program
  • blended courses which mix on-campus and online learning
  • online courses

Degree-seeking students should plan to take coursework in all terms.  Our course schedule for the current academic year can be found by clicking through the links below.  Our course catalogue can be accessed by clicking on the tab at the top of this page.

Academic Year 2014-2015

Fall 2014

January 2015

Spring 2015

Summer 2015

Academic Year 2015-2016

Fall 2015

January 2016

Spring 2016

Summer 2016


Below are descriptions and links for more information concerning specific programs and types of study, including certification courses and affiliate academic programs.

United Methodist Courses 2014-2016

These intensive courses are offered to meet specific United Methodist requirements.  These courses are open to all students, but are listed in this format for ease of planning of off-campus students.

BGTS and Certification Studies Schedule

Affiliate Academic Programs

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is part of the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS), comprised of 11 major seminaries. The seminaries represent a range of denominational traditions and theological orientations.  Students may cross-register for courses at any of the other ACTS schools during fall, January, and spring terms.

This is held each year at one of several seminaries that sponsor a two-week program. Hispanic/Latino students and bilingual students who are interested in Hispanic ministries may enroll for a maximum of two courses per summer, for two credits each, toward a Garrett-Evangelical degree. Instruction is in Spanish and English, covers a wide range of the theological curriculum, and focuses on the Hispanic/Latino church and Hispanic ministries within multicultural settings. Financial assistance for travel, housing, and tuition is provided by sponsoring institutions. For more information on course offerings and registration, contact the registrar’s office.

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary students may take courses, field education, and a summer program providing biblically and theologically based education in urban ministry at SCUPE. An annual convocation brings together nationally recognized urban ministers.  SCUPE courses are listed in Garrett-Evangelical course listings as well as in the ACTS catalog, linked above.

Course Catalog

The links below will take you to lists of course descriptions (and prerequisites) for courses that are currently being offered by the seminary.

Courses are listed by curriculum areas and fields of study.
500 level courses are introductory;
600 level are open to masters students;
700 level are open to DMin students;
800 level are open to DMin and PhD students (or masters students with permission);
900 level are open only to PhD students.

Introductory courses are usually taught every year and electives every second or third year. An independent study can be arranged with an instructor when the desired elective subject is not offered in the current schedule and after the student completes the foundational courses in the field.

All courses are graduate level and carry 3 semester hours of credit, unless otherwise specified.


General Curriculum Courses

  10: Integrative Courses
  40: Denominational Studies Courses
  41: Cross-cultural Travel Courses
  42: North Chicago Theological Institute Courses
  50: Theological Research and Writing Courses
  60: MTS Core Courses
  80: DMin Core Courses
  90: PhD Core Courses

Fields of Study Courses

  Area I: The Christian Tradition in Scripture and History
  11: Old Testament Courses
  12: New Testament Courses
  13: Church History Courses
Area II: Theology and Ethics
  21: Theology Courses
  22: Ethics and Society Courses
Area III: Theory and Practice of Ministry
  31: Liturgical Studies
  32: Pastoral Psychology and Counseling Courses
  33: Christian Education Courses
  34: Congregational Leadership Courses (Church Administration, Evangelism and Spiritual Formation)


Partner Courses

Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago

Garrett-Evangelical offers an optional clinical track in the Master of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling and in the PhD in Pastoral Theology, Personality and Culture programs. We partner with The Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago (CRPC) to offer training courses meant to prepare students seeking to become licensed professional counselors. CRPC is a 2-year training program that includes course work and supervised clinical work.

View CRPC Course Description

Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE)

Garrett-Evangelical is a member institution of SCUPE, located in downtown Chicago. SCUPE offers academic programs in pastoral ministry and community development. The educational programs at SCUPE, deeply rooted in the philosophy of experiential education, are designed to address the unique needs of urban ministry and developing communities.  SCUPE offers courses in African American theological education, Latina/o theological education, and Urban Ministry studies.

View SCUPE Course Descriptions


January and Summer Intensives

In January and summer, Garrett-Evangelical offers two-week intensive (two, two-week sessions in summer). These terms offer the opportunity to sample seminary courses, to fulfill requirements for United Methodist ordination and certification, and to continue study in degree programs.

Local pastors who have completed the basic Course of Study and meet annual conference requirements for membership and ordination as elders may be admitted to master's courses in order to meet Advanced Course of Study requirements

Most intensive courses require reading and sometimes written assignments to be completed in advance of the beginning of the course. The course syllabi are posted several weeks in advance of the term.  The two-week format, with everone on the same schedule for classes, worship, and meals, helps to develop strong ties within the student community.

If you are a new student applying to Garrett-Evangelical, please contact the admissions office or 1-800 SEMINARY (1-800-736-4627), get.admitted@garrett.edu.

If you are a current student, registration information is available from the registrar's office or contact Andrea Leftwich, 847-866-3908, andrea.leftwich@garrett.edu.

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