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Georgia M. DeBaptiste Faulkner

Georgia M. DeBaptiste Faulkner (November 24, 1867- ?)

Writer/Missionary/Teacher/Social Worker

During Black History Month 2014, the Center for the Church and the Black Experience is honoring faithful Black women freedom fighters. Today we honor Georgia M. DeBapiste Faulkner.

faulknerThe daughter of a Baptist pastor, writer, and missionary, Georgia Mabel DeBaptiste Faulkner distinguished herself as a writer who dedicated herself to education and local and foreign missions.  Born in Chicago to Rev. Richard DeBaptiste, Pastor of Olivet Baptist Church, Miss Faulkner was educated in the local schools.  Her mother, Georgianna, died when she was six years old.  After her high school years, she was published in The Baptist Herald, The Baptist Headlight, The African Mission Herald, and Our Women and Children.  Her interest in music paralleled that of her brother, both of whom were accomplished pianists.

In the 1890s, Miss Faulkner emerged as an early leader in the National Baptist Convention’s Women’s Auxiliary, serving as its President for many years.   She was also President of the Mothers Union, in association with the Missionary Society.  In 1899, she married Henry C. Faulkner, and together they traveled to Liberia, a place to which she returned many times, for missionary work.  Over the years, she taught music and language classes across the country in universities, normal and industrial schools and seminaries in Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Alabama, Virginia and Liberia (where she served as an assistant principal).  Miss Faulkner was also a social worker in New York and Chicago, where she served as the Superintendent for the Home for Business and Working Young Women (supported by the Methodist Episcopal Church, Rock River Conference).   Her other community involvements included the Urban League, the YW C A, the NAACP and the World’s Fellowship of Faiths.  She also organized the Butler Community Center in Chicago. Miss Faulkner’s prolific work on behalf of the communities in which she lived continued the tradition she learned from her father.


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