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Daisy Elizabeth Adams Lampkin

Daisy Elizabeth Adams Lampkin (August 9, 1884-March 10, 1965)

Fundraiser/Influencer/Women’s Suffrage Leader

During Black History Month 2014, the Center for the Church and the Black Experience is honoring faithful Black women freedom fighters. Today we honor Daisy Elizabeth Adams Lampkin.

LampkinBorn August 9, 1884 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Daisy Adams Lampkin became one of the most highly acclaimed African American women of her time. While Mrs. Lampkin is best known her role as the first woman elected to the national board of the NAACP, she spent much of her life rallying for racial and gender equality.

Mrs. Lampkin’s social and political activism began shortly after graduating from high school. After migrating to Pittsburgh, she worked as a motivational speaker for housewives and organized women into consumer protest groups. She was an active leader in the Lucy Stone Women’s Suffrage League and the National Suffrage League where she rallied for women’s right to vote. Understanding the challenges unique to African American women, Mrs. Lampkin also became involved with the National Association for Colored Women (NACW) and was later named National Organizer and Chair of the Executive Board.
From 1930-1964, Mrs. Lampkin served three consecutive terms as a national officer for the NAACP. Throughout her years of service, she was hailed as the NAACP’s top membership recruiter and fundraiser.  In addition to her lobbying, organizing, and fundraising efforts, Mrs. Lampkin has also been credited with persuading a young Baltimore attorney, Thurgood Marshall, to become a member of the NAACP's Legal Defense Committee.

In December 1964, for her dedication to racial and gender equality, Mrs. Lampkin was honored with the Eleanor Roosevelt-Mary McLeod Bethune World Citizenship Award from the National Council of Negro Women. After more than fifty years of work on behalf of others, Mrs. Lampkin passed away on March 10, 1965 at the age of 81.

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Compiled by Beverly Moore

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