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Dorothy Miller-Zellner

Dorothy Miller-Zellner (1938-)

Freedom Fighter/Fundraiser/Student Voice

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, The Student Voice Editor

During Black History Month 2014, the Center for the Church and the Black Experience is honoring faithful Black women freedom fighters. Today we honor Dorothy Miller-Zellner.

Dorothy MillerDorothy Miller-Zellner grew up in New York City with a heart for the suffering of others. As a White woman of Jewish descent, she seized an opportunity in 1960 to travel south with Congress of Racial Equality (CORE:  an interracial Civil Rights organization pivotal in ending racial inequality in the United States through use of nonviolent direct action organizing) for training in non-violent resistance. Ms. Miller participated in sit-ins in New Orleans and also went to Miami with 35 community leaders where she was arrested immediately for demonstrating against racial inequality.  In 1962 she joined Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC: Civil Rights organization comprised of college students) first as a research volunteer and later as a staffer working with Director Julian Bond on SNCC's newspaper, The Student Voice. This newspaper, in the early 1960s, built community and morale within the Movement's widely dispersed field workers and supporters. It also was one of the few publications reporting the daily violence committed against southern Blacks and movement workers.

Ms. Miller met and married SNCC's first white field secretary, Bob Zellner, and joined him in the Boston SNCC office, where she raised funds and helped send food and clothing to Mississippi. She also worked to screen volunteers for the Mississippi Freedom Summer.

Mrs. Zellner is currently an activist fighting against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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Compiled by Beverly Moore

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