Since May 2013, a three-person team of student workers - whose primary objective is to connect with black churches and give them information about the ACA- Affordable Care Act in the Chicagoland area - has been at work.  Representing CBE, the team members – Stanley Giles, Franklin Livingston, and Andryl Spikes – are working to establish contact, and where possible, build strong relationships with black pastors. 

Just as the Apostle Paul undertook a visitation campaign to the churches in Asia Minor in Acts 18, this team of three is undertaking their journey to connect with churches, pastors, administrators, and missionaries in the African American community.  The three organizers are building a database of every [predominantly] African American church in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs.

The team is doing this work by:
  •  Searching databases, online sites, and denominational websites to gather names of churches and their lead clergy, as well as worship and Sunday school times.
  • Traveling to the West and South sides of Chicago to meet pastors, gather the names of churches that are not online, take photos of church buildings, and get correct location information.
  • Calling, emailing, and sending letters to the Churches about CBE and the ACA – Affordable Care Act Conference that will be held on October 1 and 2.

To date, the team has gathered the names of over 500 Chicagoland churches and have made phone or voice contact with over 200+ churches.  In talking with pastors, we’ve heard comments about a desire and need for black churches and communities to be better involved in the bodily, emotional and financial welfare of their parishioners and fellow citizens, a breakdown of communal agendas, and a wish for more on-hands work when it comes to educating our fellow citizens and parishioners on public policy. 

Creating the African American church database will serve as a first step in making CBE and the CBE website the premier destination for research on all things pertaining to African American churches in Chicago. 

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