Dan Damon

dancdamonDan Damon studied at Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois (BME, 1977) and Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California (MDiv, 1987). He is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. Damon has served three appointments as pastor in northern California: Sutter and Meridian United Methodist churches (1987-1992), Modesto First United Methodist (1992-1995), and Richmond First United Methodist (1995-present). Three of his hymns are: ‘like a child’, ‘Strong, gentle children’, and ‘Eat this bread and never hunger’. Damon is an internationally published writer of hymn texts and tunes. He is Associate Editor of Hymnody for Hope Publishing Company, Carol Stream, Illinois. Damon is also a jazz pianist and has played in many hotels and clubs in the San Francisco Bay area. Damon has presented his work at national conferences of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada and the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts. He co-authored a paper with Eileen M. Johnson, ‘A Cry for Justice in Hymnody’ which appeared in the Autumn 2010 edition of The Hymn.

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