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Class of 2011


(left to right)
Row one: Linny Hartzell, Julie Wilson, Nancy Vidad, Henry Williams, Jr., Daniel Verdegan, Irene Beth Palanqui, Mary Jane Huber, Cherida Gary, Benjamin David Bras, Rhonda McCarty, Peter Cammarano, Jr.

Row two: Shin Hyung Seong, Danielle Farnsworth Williams, Elizabeth Miller Maidi, Christopher Quick, Kim Fisher, Ju Yeon Jeon, Grant Crusor, Kim Chapman, Shonda Nicole Gladden

Row three: Kathy Wafer, Trenton Teegarden, Richard Shaw, Carolyn Lukasick, Stacey Gassman, Suzanne Miller, Leanne Rose, Lizzy Sherfey, Troy Venning

Row four: Michael Winstead, Heather McDougall, Lowell Black, Jean Engel, Thomas Harris, Kathy Abend, Jake Weber

Row five: Virgil Woods, Cynthia Anderson, Matthew Charlton, Rustin Brian, CrasH Miller, Barbara Javore, Lucas Pepper, Chris Stephens, Ryan Davenport

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