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Class of 2009


(left to right)
Row 1:  Carol Hill, Ashley Nolte, Adrienne Trevathan, Charles Murray, Esther Lee, Meredith Graham, Cynthia Wilson, Grace Janeanne Baldridge. 

Row 2:  Kathryn “Beth” Streiff, Ellen Rasmussen, Jason Hill, Anita Munden, Jennifer Tyler, Ross Baker, Krystal Bartlett, Jennifer Zeigler, So Young Kim.

Row 3:  Madeline Lockett, Susan A. Haller, Mary Lou Eubanks, Jin-Hee Kang, Amy Jo Ann Anderson, Amee Miller, Barbra Lenz, Brittney Richardson, Kristina Cunningham, Brandon Cunningham.

Row 4:  Garry Wiley Gladney, Vashti-Jasmine Murphy McKenzie, HyeMin Na, Leah Gunning Francis, Yosub Namgung, Daniel Cho, Timothy Lathrop, Darrius Hills, Soo Young Sue Kim, Myung-Sil Kim, Hwa Young Chong.

Row 5:  Eric Weed, Briton Holmberg, Nazim Fakir, Curlee Adams, Cheoni Oh, Jessica Duncan.

Row 6:  Donald Warren, Christopher E. Winkler, Joshua Sawyer, Christopher William Nahumck, Paul Elwood Gregersen, Elizabeth A. Fender, Kevin Dembinski, David I. Neville, Jr., Steven Anthony Cousin Jr., Michael Alphonso Cousin, Michael McMennamy, Scott Douglas Jagodzinske, Christine Lee Humrichouse.

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