American Theological Society - Midwest

American Theological Society

The One Hundred Seventy-Fourth Meeting
October 31, 2014
Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
2121 Sheridan Road
Evanston, Illinois 60201
(847) 866-3900
2:45 p.m.
Registration, Main Building, Lobby
Afternoon Refreshments, Contiguous with Main #205
3:15 p.m.
Afternoon Session, Main #205
“Bonheoffer, the Black Christ & the Harlem Renaissance”
Dr. Reggie Williams, Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics, McCormick Theological Seminary
Dr. Nancy Bedford, Georgia Harkness Professor of Applied Theology, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary Respondent
5:00 p.m.
Evening Reception, Main #208
5:30 p.m.
Dinner and Business Meeting, Main #208 & #211
7:00 p.m.
Evening Session, Main #205
“Re-Imagining Koinonia: Beyond Diversity, Toward Recognition”
Dr. John Nunes, Emil and Elfriede Jochum Professor and Chair, Valparaiso University
Dr. Lorraine Brugh, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Chapel Music, Valparaiso University
ATS-M Executive Committee
David McCurdy, President
Robert Saler, Vice President
Marti Steussy, Member At-Large
Paul Parker, Secretary/Treasurer


To Attend

Professors and other scholars in the field of religious studies are warmly invited to attend the ATS-M semi-annual meetings, and if otherwise qualified to become members of the Society. As a guest or long-time member of the Society, please join your colleagues for critical and cordial theological discussions.


To register for an ATS-M semi-annual meeting, please call, write or email Paul Parker and state your intentions by the medium most convenient to you: office phone (630) 617-3559;; or Department of Religious Studies–Box 26, Elmhurst College, 190 Prospect Ave., Elmhurst, IL 60126.

Because the host institutions of the Society’s semi-annual meetings provide significant support, there is no registration fee. There is, however, a fee of $25 for dinner and refreshments.

This Session

This fall’s meeting of the ATS-M promises to be extraordinary! First, Professor Reggie Williams (MTS) will bring gleanings from his Christological hermeneutics with specific references to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Harlem Renaissance (1930-31) to interpret, analyze and evaluate the West’s racialization of culture and Christianity. From her rich and diverse work, Professor Nancy Bedford (GETS) will respond formally to Reggie’s paper before the conversation is opened to the entire Society.

For the evening paper, Professor John Nunes (VU) will develop his contention that Christian communities have not done enough work to grapple with the implications of their enlarged and pluralist commons. He will argue further that humankind’s future may benefit greatly by using the United States’ traumatic race relations as a laboratory for re-imagining community. Professor Lorraine Brugh (VU) will be the first to respond to John’s paper before the Society engages him and each other in critical, constructive and fraternal conversation.

Statement of Purpose

The American Theological Society gathers as an intentionally collegial community of scholars who are engaged in the critical and creative examination of the depth and breadth of religion as it influences and is influenced by culture.


The American Theological Society (Midwest) has convened semi-annually since the early 1920’s to present and receive scholarly papers on crucial issues of religion and culture. The Society meets twice a year–on the last Friday of April and the last Friday of October–in greater Chicago at colleges, seminaries and universities. The Society has often reached beyond its local members to invite international scholars and others from across the United States to present papers and to participate in its semi-annual meetings. At the same time, the Society calls attention to the work of local scholars whose theological thinking about religious phenomena has shaped their lives and their scholarship. The Society is a community of scholars who speak and listen to one another.


Annual membership dues are $20 for members and $10 for associate members to be paid to the Treasurer, Paul Parker, each year at the fall meeting—this meeting. And if you have not paid dues for the previous year, you may attend to the oversight at any meeting or at any time through the mail. Your attention to this is appreciated.

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